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Marquee Weddings – People come to us that are looking to mark their special day by doing something different and often involves expressing their own creativity and imagination. We have catered weddings in barns, stables, a boat house and a cow-shed – not while occupied I might add, and all nicely polished up for the day and this is often where their creativity comes in.
These couples are taking ownership of their day and putting a lot of themselves into it. Of course we probably cater more weddings that are held in marquees, we have a completely mobile set-up, we are very flexible and are happy to work with whatever scenario is put in front of us.

Often the couples are looking for less formality, and doing things on their own terms in a way that perhaps avoids a bill that cover the cost of a small new car.

What we find is popular in this kind of wedding is to have a champagne reception; that way you know the guests have the opportunity to chat and mingle while the photos are being taken. Our canapés go hand in hand with the champagne reception, our staff will circulate with trays of tasty morsels and savoury bites that are made fresh for your event.

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