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Beetroot, goats cheese and terragon salad Pear, Roquefort and walnut salad Smoked salmon with crème fraîche, soda bread and micro salad Smoked salmon with cucumber and lemon dressing Parma ham and goats cheese with caramelized onion and cranberry Meza platter Caesar salad Italian antipasto platter (from €6.00 to €7.80 pp)
Here are the popular items we have served to date..... coming in 2015 wood fired pizza Freshly made Sandwiches (best priced option) BBQ pulled pork on floury bap (don’t usually do this when hog-roast has featured in the main meal) Beef quarter pounders / hot dogs Fish and chips in newsprint cones (between €2.00 and €6.00 per person)
On a budget profiteroles and chocolate sauce are a good option, or even cupcakes. Alternatively we can provide things like Eaton Mess Various Cheesecake varieties Apple pie Fruit salad etc
We use an olive oil, garlic and rosemary on our Lamb roasts, for at least 24 hours to add real depth to the flavours. Spit Roast lamb is an option for up to 40 people, of course the number can be extended by cooking additional lambs.
Typically this is stuff we do for weddings where the staff will circulate among the guests with trays of the canapés Our Canapés are all small bite size different flavour and a mix of hot and cold. A canapé selection is usually €6 per person, the following are the most popular: • Smoked Salmon mousse in plastic cone • Savoury bites (3 varieties, Beef, Chicken and Prawn) • Bruschetta with Swiss cheese and Brie • Brussels Paté on mini toasts • Goat’s cheese and beetroot in plastic cone Sometimes we have been asked to do other stuff like: • Black and white pudding with a spiced apple chutney • Mini bangers and mash • Sushi (I had a Japanese comis chef for a while) + increased the cost Mini barbeque canapés: • Mini burgers (including mini buns - a struggle to find, but we have them). • Mini skewers 3 different varieties – Veggie, Chicken yakitori and Prawn • Some foreign sausage or just keep them simple with Irish sausages
Recognising that some of the guests have shell fish allergies while others are uncomfortable with anything slightly adventurous, we find that the Chicken and Chorizo paella a popular compromise. Served in Chinese takeaway style boxes. Based on 60 guests only €12.90 per person.
We have provided vegetarian paella for number of corporate events and weddings. This is a highly recommended choice for vegans also.
3 salads from the listing below: Mixed salad – Mixed Leaves, tomato, cucumber and red onion. Fresh crunchy Coleslaw, Spicy Noodle with fresh veg (which is noodles with a sweet chilli dressing and finely diced veg – I always think it’s a salad for those that don’t do salads) Those three are the most popular after that come the following. Classic Greek salad Waldorf salad Broccoli, cherry tomatoes, toasted hazelnut and feta Beetroot with natural yoghurt and almond slivers Then after that is….. Pasta salad with a sundried tomato dressing, Cucumber and tomato with a mint dressing, Pasta with sundried toms, pine nuts, baby spinach and pesto Spinach, Artichoke, bean-sprouts & Apple, Grated carrot and courgette with a french dressing Then we get into the more unusual stuff like….. Butter beans and chic peas with Parsley pesto Watermelon with watercress and feta Red cabbage, beetroot and parsley Mage tout, green bean and hazelnut Chic peas, chilli, tomatoes, red onion, mint, parsley and topped with feta.
100% Irish beef quarter pounders, Barbequed gourmet sausages Chicken skewers Buttered baby potatoes 3 freshly prepared salads Based on 40 guests only €12.50 per person based on Disposable cutlery and plates. Stainless steel cutlery and real crockery can be added @ €1.15 per person.
8 ounce Irish strip loin steak. Roast Chicken from our rotisserie Baked salmon – pesto and herb crusted Salmon darns Buttered baby potatoes 3 freshly prepared salads Based on 40 guests = €19.90 per person.
8 ounce Irish strip loin steak. Barbeque chicken – marinated chicken fillets Buttered baby potatoes 3 freshly prepared salads Based on 40 guests = €18.80 per person.
The Spit Roasted Pig is cooked from fresh on-site and served with the un-missable crackling, Apple sauce mustard. Accompanied by baby potatoes in butter 3 freshly prepared salads Based on 80 guests = €14 per person. Other meats can be added at extra cost. Barbequed chicken fillets + €3 pp Spit roast lamb + €6 pp