Hog roast hire

The Traditional Hog Roast Catering Company specialises in supplying special events with the best hog roast hire available at a reasonable price. Ours is a long-established company providing delicious hog roasts since 2006. We have a dedicated hog roast team that ensures a professional hog roast service. Our hog roast machines are available to hire for weddings, parties, and private functions.

If your special event is coming up soon, and you want to give your guests an unforgettable experience that they will remember for years to come, then contact us today. The freshly cooked hog roast carved by one of our hog roast chefs will be a tasty addition to your party. It will help you transform your event into a unique one.

Our hog roast machines will fit through any narrow openings easily. The hog roast can feed more than 200 guests via a single hog roast machine. However, we can cater for events with any number of guests. Our trained hog roast chefs will make things a lot easier for you.

If you are thinking of hiring a self carve machine for your event, feel free to contact us. We can provide the meat transported in a refrigerated unit.

We can also provide a large selection of freshly made delicious salads, bread, homemade apple sauce, and potatoes. Get in touch with us to know more about our hog roast hire service.